Faith In Jane - Call Of The Wolf

Faith In Jane - Call Of The Wolf (CD)

Year: 2012

Label: DIY

Price: 49 SEK, 5 EUR, 6 USD

Faith In Jane formed in 2009 as an Alternative Reggae stoner band. Even at their earliest stage they still brought the grooves with their unique sound. After recording a few demos Faith In Jane started adding a folk stoner sound to their songs while still keeping the grooves coming. After a temporary break up, in late 2011 they reformed with a new approach to their sound. By adding more of an old-school metal influence and stepping up the reggae, they are now officially back up in your ass with that Sabbath Stylee.

  • Whale Riders
  • JBW / No Respect
  • Mellow Down
  • Call Of The Wolf
  • Longbottom Leaf

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